Foothills Christian Church

People Connecting to Jesus

Where We Meet

9655 W. State St
Boise, ID 83714

When We Meet

Service Times*:
Sundays @ 9:30am & 11:00am**

*Our Service is available to join LIVE on our Online Campus
**During our 11am service time, we have a Classic Service in our Chapel for those who enjoy a more traditional worship experience.

About Foothills

Foothills is a Redemptive Church. A place where a second chance awaits us all.

Our Mission

Jesus said to make disciples, or fully devoted followers, of Him. First we introduce you to Jesus if you haven’t already met Him. Second, we help you connect to other people in authentic friendships. Third, we coach you in how to discover your mission in life. The one thing that gives you passion.

Lead Pastor - Dr. Douglas Peake

Pastor Doug is our community architect. Simply meaning, he wants to create a culture where people are completely engaged in their faith. He wants every person who is a part of the community to be spiritually healthy, growing in faith, connecting with Jesus and His family and making a significant difference in the world. In his own words:

“I see myself like a head coach. My role is to establish a culture where everyone gets in the game. I am not here to play the game for you, but to help you to experience Jesus and live the one and only life you have been given. People who know Jesus and know His purpose for life have better marriages, stronger children, meaningful lives, deeper relationships and perseverance. There is not a better way to know what you were made for than by knowing the One who made you.”

Latest Sermon

Cody Christensen - Dec 4, 2016

To Be or Not To Be: Part 6 - Be Community

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The Legacy of Her Faith

My Dad told me a story, some time ago, which is well known in our family. I hope I can faithfully recall the important parts. The family lived on a ranch, raising cattle and feed for the cattle. They didn’t attend church often, if at all. My Dad’s Grandma made a point...

Be Free

Potty training your kids is hard. You have to do it, but failure stinks, literally. I remember it got so bad my wife asked our pediatrician for advice. Here is what he said, “Don’t worry about it, read him a book. I don’t know of any 16 year olds who can’t go to the...

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Foothills Christian Church

9655 West State Street
Boise, ID 83714